Aldi Ad 7.4-7.10.2021[Valid Those Dates Only]

Aldi Ad 7.4-7.10.2021 is what we’ll be covering today. You love Aldi, we love Aldi, so why not have the ad right here to view or download? We certainly like using it to save some money every week. There’s some great stuff in this one and we’ll be going over the entire thing in detail.

Prices may be different where you’re at, just a heads up.

Aldi Ad 7.4-7.4.2021
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Aldi Ad 7.4-7.10.2021

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Let’s Dig Into This Aldi Ad 7.4-7.10.2021

  • Blueberries this week are $1.49 per pint
  • Washington Rainier Cherries are $3.49/pound
  • California peaches or nectarines are 89 cents per pound
  • Papaya’s are 99 cents per pound
  • Large Hass Avocados are 65 cents each
  • Organic Jellyberry Grapes are $2.49 per 1-pound package
  • Little Salad Bar Flat Leaf Spinach is 99 cents per 8oz package

That’s just the beginning. We’re looking at a Fresh Family pack of thin-sliced chicken breasts for $2.29 per pound. Should be available July 7th while quantities last. After that, there’s some fresh Asian Sesame Salmon on a cedar plank in the Aldi Ad 7.4-7.10.2021. That’s available Wednesday, July 7th as well for $9.99 per pound.

I’m pretty sure that you get an actual plank with this salmon, at least that’s what it looks like. Stay tuned for a review article that digs into that when I get a chance to run and try to buy it.

Even More Meat

There’s also $7.99 Fresh Ground Bison (16oz’s) starting on the 7th. If you aren’t feeling ground bison, maybe check out the $6.99 per pound fresh butterflied lamb leg. That’s rosemary or unseasoned in this Aldi ad 7.4-7.10.2021.

If you need some guacamole, then get pumped for the $2.49 Park Street Deli Assorted Fresh Guacamole, 10 oz’s. It looks pretty good to me! You can also grab some Cattlemen’s Ranch Beef Brisket Patties. Sea Salt & Pepper or Smokehouse.

For those who go without meat, you have the choice of either the Black Bean Chipotle or Veggie Burger from Earth Grown. The pescatarians in the room can get Fremont Fish Market Colossal Easy Peel Raw Shrimp or Fresh Atlantic Salmon on a Cedar Plank.

Need something to wash all that down with? The Aldi Ad 7.4-7.10.2021 has Nature’s Nectar Sparkling French Lemonade or Pink Lemonade for $2.19, 25.4 oz’s.

For dessert, there’s an Earth Grown Non-Dairy Almond-Based Pint of ice cream. In case that isn’t your thang, check out some Sundae Shoppe Raspberry Cream or Orange Cream bars for $2.39. Look, I get it, that stuff might seem too healthy. Do you really wanna get wild? Fine. Get the Belmont Summer Cheesecake Aldi find.