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Trader Joes Stroopwafel Review for You

Trader Joes Stroopwafel is on my plate for this one. I’ll be biting into the sugary waffle from TJ’s that has a lot of people going nuts. Seriously, look at any reviews of this thing on Amazon and you’re bound to see people doing somersaults over these things.

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Stroop’s aren’t any old waffles, either. These are basically cookies. They look like waffles, though.

I mean, they look like Pizelles, an Italian cookie that my grandpa used to make. The Augustus Gloop looking kid-version of me didn’t like them but now that I’m a boring adult who likes black coffee, I actually love them because they aren’t sweet. That being said, these are very sweet and I wouldn’t mind the taste of caramel being between two of those Italian cookies.

Enter Trader Joes Stroopwafel. People have mentioned this before, but it may only be available around Christmas time. I’m not positive on that, though. Either way, let’s take a look at the nutrition facts on these.

Trader Joes Stroopwafel Nutrition

Nutrition Facts

Before we get into the nutrition, it’s pretty neat that this is a product of the Netherlands. A lot of TJ’s products just say that they’re from the Monrovia, CA distribution facility. Anyhow, time to take a look at these nutrition facts.

Each one of these packs 190 calories. The cookies are 40g individually, so, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Each package contains 8 servings (or 8 cookies).

Amounts of Things Per Serving in Trader Joes Stroopwafel

You’re looking at 10 grams of fat overall, that’s 13% of your daily value. Within that fat, there’s 5 grams of saturated fat, or 25% of your daily value there. Frankly, I don’t think that’s so bad. I mean, yea, it’s high in fat, but this is basically dessert. If you’re a wild animal, you might fit it in for breakfast with some coffee, but that would make me extra jittery.

The Trader Joes Stroopwafel has 3% of your daily cholesterol in it, 10 mg. 115 mg of your daily sodium. The total carbs are 9% of your daily value, or 25 grams. There are 14 grams of total sugar in these things. Out of those 14, 13 of them are added sugar, which is 26% of your daily value. There’s 1 gram of protein and basically no nutrients otherwise.

Ingredients in Trader Joes Stroopwafel

Ingredients include wheat flour, glucose-fructose syrup, shortening blend (palm fat, rapeseed oil, mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids), sugar, butter, caramelized sugar, soy flour, whey powder, wheat starch, sodium bicarbonate (leavening agent), salt, soy lecithin (emulsifier), skim milk powder, eggs, invert sugar syrup, cinnamon, natural vanilla bourbon flavor.

Allergy Info That’s Important

There are a few things in the Trader Joes Stroopwafel that you should be aware of before eating one. They contain milk, egg, soy, wheat, and may contain traces of hazelnut. Just so you know!

The Review

I had a pretty good idea of what this was going to taste like based on having the outer part in the past (the Pizelles). The caramel is very thick in this. Like, it’s really, really thick. It’s not mission critical that you have something to drink with this, but that does help. Overall, I like the taste. My sweet tooth has kind of gone away in the last few years, but I still thought this was good. My dentist wouldn’t be crazy about me eating it, though. The caramel and the cookies were both awesome and there’s this great aroma that you smell every time you open it.


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