Screen Time Project

Everywhere you look, you see someone staring at a screen. You’re staring at a screen reading this now. I, too, am staring a screen typing this. Why do we do this? What value does this add to our lives? I had gotten curious one day after updating to the most recent iOS program and noticed a new Screen Time tab in the Settings. I saw that I was spending over 7 hours a week on Facebook alone, and that is one application. With that, I took initiative and deleted the app from my phone. I only check it through a laptop and even then I cut time to thirty minutes a day, if that.

I have started this initiative project, Screen Time Project, and I will check my Screen Time (for Android users Digital Well-being) every Friday. Whichever app is over 4 hour daily use, I set a downtime on to limit myself. What can you do with the 7-9 hours you don’t spend scrolling on your digital device? Do we really get satisfaction and fulfillment in life from scrolling through various posts on our news feed on various social media apps? Get out more. Read a book, for one hour a day and see if that gives you some fulfillment. Ask yourself, “what brings me joy?”

Now, believe me when I say this because I have been on social media for a decade now, but this Screen Time Project is not the easiest transition. Especially when your routine had been day-in, day-out social media, scrolling on a phone and getting nothing out of it meaningfully.

Step One: Check your screen time or digital well-being.

Choose the app that has the highest hour usage and either uninstall it and only use it via laptop; or turn off notifications for that application; or set a downtime for you to only use that app for say thirty minutes to one hour a day.

Step Two: Challenge yourself.

Only pick up your phone when you get a notification.

Step Three: Do anything engaging and fulfilling for you.

I encourage everyone that reads this, to try this challenge. See how low your screen time will get after one week, two weeks, a month. See how much better you feel after this cleanse.

Since starting this for myself, I have felt more satisfied and more productive just by cutting down my screen time. Can you do it?

Skylar Shae Keller

political science student at southern new hampshire university