8 Things I Wish I’d Considered Before Moving Into My Freshman Dorm

1. Don’t worry about remembering every last item.

I thought I had to have every last bit of storage, bedding, and clothes hangers before arriving on campus. Depending on your college’s location, this might be the case, however, if you’re campus is a drive-able distance from a Target or Walmart, wait on the storage containers, full-length mirror, and easy chair until you can actually see your dorm room and the space you have to work with!

2. You will only wear 10% of what you pack

Packing for college is almost like packing for a month-long vacation, minus the relaxing part. Odds are, you’ve already started packing lots of “maybe” clothing that you’ve never worn before. STOP. Stop right there. Pack only what you already wear on a daily basis! Chances are your closet space will be very limited.

Which brings me to my next piece of advice:

3. It stays hot well into September

If you’re going to school in a climate that is always hot or always cold, you can skip this one. BUT if your school is graced with all four seasons, keep reading.

Ah September, a beautiful time. It’s blazing hot, and Starbucks has started serving up its pumpkin spice latte. The retail world is begging you to put on a sweater. They call them that because that’s what people turn into when they wear a sweater in September: “sweaters.” Pack a sweater and a jacket for the occasional cold day, but pick up your heavy winter gear come fall break.

4. One word: BATHROBE

I cannot reiterate this enough. Say it with me: BATH….. ROBE.  I’ll paint a picture for you. It’s 11 p.m. on a Thursday, and you’ve just gotten out of the shower. You put your feet in the cheap flip flops you got for said occasion, and begin to thwack down the hallway in your towel. Suddenly, a man is there. A public safety officer.

He has been called up about a disturbance. You both pretend to not see one another, and you sliver back into your room. Ladies, college dorms don’t offer much privacy. I highly recommend that your purchase a bathrobe –Much less embarrassing and very helpful.

Which brings me to my next piece of advice:

5. Cheap flip flops!

Especially if you know that your dorm is going to have communal bathrooms, you’re going to want a pair of cheap flip flops to wear in the shower. Preferably ones with a grip on the bottom to save you from slipping – Trust me I’d know.

Which ironically brings me to my next piece of advice:

6. Slippers!

Many a night, I lay awake in my bed, dreading the fact that I had to pee. Why? Because that meant that I had to brave the cold hallway floor to get there. Don’t be me. Get a yourself a pair of slippers for your midnight bathroom runs.

7. Curtains!

These aren’t always a necessity, most dorm rooms come with blinds, but nevertheless, if you’re looking to create a cozy space that looks larger than it is, invest in some cute curtains, and hang them up high.

8. Box Fans!

You may have a dorm with AC. And if you do, I applaud you. One less purchase to worry about! But if your dorm is like mine was, and is over 200-years-old, chances are, you’re going to want a box fan to cool down your room.

That’s about all I’ve got! There’s a ton of advice I could offer up, but these are the key takeaways to help your move-in experience run smoothly.

Amanda Weir

Probably plotting the whereabouts of my next cup of coffee.