Publix Ad This Week to View For You

Publix Ad for 6.15-6.21.2022 To View

Publix Ad for 6.15-6.21.2022 is our focus here. We’ll be covering a lot of details on this and helping you find some of the best deals. Looks like they have a lot going on for Father’s Day, that’s always great to see. Get some bone-in ribeye steaks and some Buck Shack Cabernet Sauvignon Win, 2 for $22.99. That looks pretty darn good, getting some beef for the Day of Father’s.

Publix Red Potatoes are $3.49 in a 5-LB bag. If people don’t want wine, they can also have a 12-Pack of Leinenkugel’s Beer for $16.99. That’s looking pretty darn good, too.

Publix Ad for 6.15-6.21.2022 Has Cookies and Corn

They have New York-Style Cheesecake for $11.99 that you can save up to $1 on. That looks like it’s pretty good. Frankly, all their dessert options look good, too. Get some Blackberries, BOGO Free. Some Cabot Greek Style Plain Yogurt, BOGO Free.

Daisy Cottage Cheese is BOGO Free. Some Publix Bakery Handmade Oblong Fruit Tart is $9.99, that could make an awesome dessert for you and the family. There’s some Publix Bakery Raspberry Puff Pastry Bites for $5.19.

Grab some General Mills Blueberry Cheerios Cereal, BOGO Free in the Publix Ad for 6.15-6.21.2022.

Surf and Turf Is Always An Option

Get small lobster tails for $6.99. They’re wild, responsibly sourced and previously frozen. There’s also some Colossal White Shrimp for $10.99/LB. Salmon Fillets are $11.99/LB. They’ve even got some Gruper Fillets for $10.99. Grouper is really tasty and it’s awesome that they have it in the Publix Ad for 6.15-6.21.2022.

Some St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs are BOGO free. Some GreenWise Angus Ribeye Steaks are $12.99/LB. GreenWise Organic Sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms are 2/$6. Those are great when they’re prepped well.

Publix Aprons Jalapeno Peppers are $7.99/LB. Kraft Chunk Cheese is 2 for $6.00. Some Rana Pasta or Sauce is 2 for $9.00. Grab some strawberries in the Publix Ad for 6.15-6.21.2022. Those will be really tasty.