Publix Ad This Week to View For You

Publix Ad for 3.2-3.8.2022 To View Online or Download

Publix Ad for 3.2-3.8.2022 is what we’ll be focused on here. This one is a big mailer– it’s focused on a lot of early spring offerings. Page one has Bone-In Ribeye Steaks for $9.99/LB. Publix Premium USDA Choice Beef, save up to $5.00/LB. They hope you’ll enjoy those. Try Publix Aprons Mediterranean-Style Ribeye Steaks with Pierogies a la Vodka for a full-flavored and delicious meal.

Publix Ad for 3.2-3.8.2022 Has A lot of Wholesome Stuff

Mrs. T’s Pierogies are BOGO free. Those look pretty tasty. Bagged Green Beans are 2 for $4. They’re a good source of Vitamin C in a 1-LB bag. Publix Bakery Sourdough Round Bread is $2.99. That’s made from scratch and baked fresh daily in a 16-oz package.

Publix Boneless Pork Loin Chops are $4.99/LB, save up to $1.50/LB on those. Publix Deli Cuban Sandwich looks really good. Those are pre-packaged, located in the Publix Deli Grab and Go Section.

Thomas’ English Muffins are BOGO Free, so you’ll really be able to save some money there. Tostitos or Doritos Tortilla Chips are Buy 2 Get 1 Free, so you’ll have plenty of snacks in the Publix Ad for 3.2-3.8.2022.

Drinks and Other Snacks

12-Pack Coca-Cola Products are Buy 2 get 1 Free, so there won’t be a shortage of drinks. Based on what they have pictured, there’s Coke, Diet Coke, Maybe Coke Zero, and Sprite. There might be other varieties, I’m not entirely sure. You can also grab an 8-Pack of Coca-Cola Products, buy 2 get 2 free.

Publix Deli Cubanitos Medium Platter is $27.99 in the Publix Ad for 3.2-3.8.2022. That’s Cuban bread with ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles. Place an order 24 hours in advance so they know to get it ready in time.

AHA Sparkling Water is BOGO Free for 8 packs of 12 oz cans. That looks pretty good. I’ve never seen Coca-Cola with Coffee until now but that’s BOGO Free. Looks interesting.

Variety Platters, Fig Newtons, and More in Publix Ad for 3.2-3.8.2022

The Publix Deli Dip Variety Medium Platter is $24.99. Pick that up so you can enjoy choices of dips, snacks and veggies during your party.

For dessert, they have Nabisco Newtons Cookies, BOGO Free, so you get all the fiber you need. I think they have fiber, because if they don’t, I’ve been wrong this whole time!

Nabisco Wheat Thins or Good Thins Snacks are 2 for $6, so you have plenty of cracker options. Another dessert option is Chips Ahoy since those are BOGO free. Looks like the regular ones and the soft.

Alcohol Available This Week

24-pack of Michelob Ultra Beer is $27.49 in 12-oz cans or bottles. Save up to a $1.50 on that since they’re running a sale this week. Locatour Cabernet Sauvignon Wine is 2 for $14.99 in 750-ml bottles. 12-pack Modelo Especial Beer is $16.99 in the Publix Ad for 3.2-3.8.2022.

Simi Chardonnay Wine is $13.79 in 1.5L bottle. 12-pack Vizzy hard seltzer is $16.99, save up to $1 on that. They have full-on dinner suggestions down on page 4. Get some Extra-Large White Shrimp for $7.99 LB. Previously frozen. Fresh Salmon Fillets are $9.99/LB.

If you’re looking for some comfort food, you’ve come to the right weekly mailer. They have Ground Chuck for $3.99/LB and Publix Shredded Cheese for $7.99.