Publix Ad This Week to View For You

Publix Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 To View with Analysis

Publix Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 is on the table here. I’ll be digging through this weekly mailer and helping you find some of the great deals that they have this week. There should be some good stuff in this ad.

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The first page might be the most wholesome thing I’ve seen this week. At least it kind of looks that way. There’s a Beef Cottage Pie pictured (their own recipe) and it looks like some awesome comfort food.

To make that, you’ll need some lean ground beef, which is $4.99/LB. Then, you need to get your hands on some Publix Gold Potatoes, those are $3.49 for a 5-LB bag.

There’s also a handful of other things on page one of the Publix Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 that you’ll like. They have some Vine-ripened tomatoes, those look pretty good. I’m sure that they’re high in vitamin C.

The deli guacamole looks pretty tasty, I’d consider grabbing some of that for whatever the price is (it’s not listed). They also have some Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks, $8.99/LB. Those look great.

Publix Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 Drinks and Fish

You can get buy 2 get 1 free on 12-pack Pepsi products. That includes regular Pepsi, diet Pepsi, and a few kinds of Mountain Dew. If you’re looking for more adult beverages, check out the 24-packs of Mich Ultra Beer. Those run at $27.49 for 12 oz cans or bottles.

Here’s something that I really like. The Publix Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 has pre-made fish entrees for $7.99. They’re microwavable and are at a surprisingly low price given the amount of fish, veggies, and carbs you get out of it.

They also have 12-pack bud light platinum beer for $13.99. You can also get Budweiser, Miller, or Coors. Then, they have various wines and IPAs to choose from.

Those include a 12-pack of Lagunitas Beer for $17.99, Apothic Inferno Red Blend Wine for $12.99, and the Art of the Cooper Cabernet Sauvignon Wine for $12.99 that you might enjoy. They have a couple other wines as well.

More Seafood and Tasty Meats

The Publix Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 has a handful of great products on land and in the sea. Those include Extra Large White Shrimp, $8.99 LB. Those are previously frozen, farmed, and responsibly sourced.

21 to 25 per pound. You can also get Argentine Red Shrimp for $9.99/LB. Those also were previously frozen, wild, and responsibly sourced. Don’t worry if the surf isn’t your thing – you can always get turf with the Sirloin Tip Roast. Publix premium USDA choice beef is $4.99/LB. They also have Sweet Potatoes for .99/LB.

You can get some Vita Classic Nova Style Atlantic Salmon, buy one get one free and save up to $7.99. That’s BOGO of equal or lesser value.

It Gets Even Better

If you thought that was it for the meat, guess again. The Publix Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 has Publix Mild or Hot Italian Pork Sausage for $5.49. They also have something that I never knew existed but I guess I do now: Stuffed Flank Steak. Check this out:

Publix Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 stuffed flank steak

Looks incredible. I’m sure that a lot of other hungry customers will be aiming for that this week.

Image via Publix

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