Spoken Word

Human: 2019

I am not alone in this world, the moon hears me when I sleep and comes searching for me during the day. I have a past that constructed me into the individual that I am and see that, only briefly, before I ignore it. I am allowed to recognize these parts of myself because the present moment is all I allow myself to listen to. 

As I run through crowds I see myself as them. I hear the sirens and catch the look of eyes but not once is this a reason for fret. There is nothing to be afraid of when knowledge is inside of you.

I can not use my voice for others. It is their duty to structure their own inner system, but I am here to be there with you in the findings of your truths because, in some sense of human nature, we are one.

Human? What is this you speak of? 

ELLIE!!! Can you just shut the fuck up for a second?



the world is going through a world of chaos time right now and the answer is still scarce, a little blurry and there are where the tides of negativity will sink into your consciousness more than it should, but I know one thing for sure, is that marijuana is great and is coming to CHICAGO in 2019, AND HOPEFULLY we will see less riots, and more peace —-

Because there are still policies and neighborhoods and people still fighting for something different than what’s been shown to us throughout these years.

Look in yourself, before others.

BECAUSE fuck the system! And by system, I mean these places living inside of our country, these places that are still stuck in their ways, unable to see the young voices and faces who are here to make a difference (because we see the bullshit). We see the power where it shouldn’t be. And that’s why were speaking up one step at a time.