Meijer Ad This Week

Meijer Ad For 3.13-3.19.2022 for You to View or Download

Meijer Ad For 3.13-3.19.2022 is loaded with awesome St Patty’s Day deals you’ll love. Choose from all kinds of things in this weekly mailer like meats, fruits, and different veggies.

Let’s get right into it!

Meijer USDA choice corned beef is $3.99/LB and cabbage is 59 cents. Some Boneless Pork Loin Chops are $1.99/LB. Those look incredible. Seriously, get those together with some green beans or something and you’ve got yourself a pretty tasty St. Patty’s Day meal!

Meijer Ad For 3.13-3.19.2022 has some delicious small avocados for 99 cents each. BOGO $1 large sweet golden pineapples or large cantaloupes. Certified Angus Beef T-Bone Steak is $7.99/LB. BOGO 50% off certified angus beef ground beef from chuck. Looks like that would make some awesome burgers.

Fruit and Lunch Meat in Meijer Ad For 3.13-3.19.2022

California Navel Oranges are $3.99, Dietz & Watson Deli Ham, Chicken, Hard Salami, or Cheese is $6.99/LB. I was wondering when they’d roll out the gabagool but I don’t see that this week.

Fresh from Meijer Deli Certified Angus Beef Corned Beef Corned Beef is $9.99/LB. Meijer whole chicken or family or family pack chicken drumsticks are $1.29/LB. I like me some chicken, that looks pretty good!

Dollar Deals

Dollar Deals this week in the Meijer Ad For 3.13-3.19.2022 include Chicken of the Sea Shrimp Rings for $5, those are looking pretty good. Purple Cow Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt or Frozen Novelties are on sale for $3. Bet they’d make a great dessert.

Banquet Frozen Pot Pie is $1. Grab some Chobani or Fage Yogurt for $1. That looks pretty dang good. Campbell’s condensed soup is also a dollar in select varieties. Looks like Tomato and chicken are in there.

Some Starkist Chunk Light Tuna is $1, that has some great Omega-3’s for you. Something you could combine with the tuna in the Meijer Ad For 3.13-3.19.2022 is their Bush’s Ingredient Beans for $1 per can.

Chips in the Meijer Ad For 3.13-3.19.2022

Meijer flat, ripple, or kettle cooked potato chips are $2. So are their flavored tortilla chips. Grab some Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or 7UP Products in 6 packs for $3. If you need beer, they have it.

Bud, Miller, or Coors in 24 packs is on sale but there’s no price available yet. Guiness Draught is $13.99 for an 8 pack. Charmin Bath Tissue is $10.44.

You can get your greens on with broccoli crowns for $1 each. Some Pearson Cole Slaw Mix is $1, that’s looking pretty good. Mann’s Broccoli Cole Slaw is $1 in the Meijer Ad For 3.13-3.19.2022.

Greenhouse Grown Cucumbers are $1 each and Large or Honey Mangos are $1.

Even More Goods This Week

But wait, there’s more! Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or snackable cookie is $4. El Monterey Frozen Breakfast Burrito is $1. Delimex Frozen Beef or Chicken Taquitos, $5. True Goodness Organic Almondmilk is $3.

Meijer No Break Liquid Eggs is $2. Keto friendly yogurt is $1 in the Meijer Ad For 3.13-3.19.2022. Grab some classic Pop-Tarts for $2, those look great. Some large Cheerios can help you with your heart health for $3, not bad at all.