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Hostess Bringing Back Vanilla Cupcakes, Twinkies

Hostess is bringing back vanilla cupcakes and cotton candy Twinkies for Spring 2022. The cotton candy twinkies are their golden sponge cake filled with cotton candy flavored creamy filling. The vanilla cupcakes are their frosted yellow cake with their creamy filling, complete with a squiggle. If you need a sugar rush, then these can probably do it for you.

So, that sounds like it might be kind of good. I could see why some people might not be crazy about it if they don’t have a sweet tooth, but I bet that the core Twinkie fanatics out there are doing backflips.

Somebody should send some of these to the folks in Ukraine fighting off Russia. Wouldn’t be a major game-changer but at least it’d be something. Like, if they went candy-bomber style and dropped these with little parachutes, that’d be sweet. Literally and figuratively.

Anyway, these look pretty good. Twinkies are interesting since they were kind of saved by nostalgia like Dunkaroos were a few years ago.