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Cici’s Launches Buffalo Chicken Poppers

Cici’s just launched Buffalo Chicken Poppers nationwide on February 7th. These look and sound incredible, something like the Tornados I buy on the roller rack at my local gas station.

Yum. There’s 12 of them in there and it’s made with fresh dough roll with buffalo pizza sauce, chicken and 100 percent real cheese. Then, it’s baked and brushed with garlic butter.

I can tell you right now, garlic butter is really good. No question about it. Very tasty, very buttery. You can also choose between a side of buffalo sauce or ranch for dipping.

“Our new Buffalo Chicken Poppers are the perfect, savory addition to any football party. And, let’s be honest – the food is the best part of any game,” said Jeff Hetsel, President and COO of Cicis.

I’m on board with that. It’s also good to see that they’re experimenting with things that are kind of like pizza but also kind of aren’t. It takes creativity like that to keep a business alive!

Image via Cicis Pizza