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Dunkaroos Review – Will They Taste Like the 90s?

Dunkaroos are a sugary snack that are mainly remembered by people who are in their early-mid 30’s. I say that because I’m in my late 20’s and I really don’t remember them very well.

Betty Crocker (division of General Mills) decided it was time to bring back the little cookies you had in your lunch in 2020. I think that a person had to be around age 8 or 10 in the mid-90s to have had good times with these.

My reasoning for that is because I was born in 1994 and I really don’t have much memory of them. The marketing really ramped up in 1993 and they were at their peak around 1996, according to the Wikipedia page on Dunkaroos.

I could see myself eating these as a 10-year-old in ’96 while I play some Super Mario 64. Anyway, let’s get into the nutrition facts. Actually, before that, if you haven’t seen this College Humor video from a few years ago referencing them, take a look:

Dunkaroos Nutrition Facts

The biggest reason to eat these is the nostalgia of it. Otherwise, there’s pretty much nothing healthy in the 190 calories per package of these.

Dunkaroos nutrition facts

Alright, where do we start? As I just said, these Dunkaroos have 190 calories in each tray, that includes the frosting and the cookies. A lot of those calories, if I had to guess, are just from the frosting. The cookies are a little smaller than I guessed they’d be, sort of nickel sized.


You get 10% of your total daily fat in these which isn’t too bad. 20% of your daily saturated fat is going to be in there, too. 10% of your daily carbs for the day are in these rebooted Dunkaroos. Those carbs mainly come from 18 grams of added sugars. Frankly, I might not remember these because my mom just didn’t want my teeth to fall out when I was a kid.

Kidding, I ate a ridiculous number of different sweets and things like that growing up. It’s actually a miracle I have any teeth left.

Outside of those nutrients, there isn’t much to mention.


These Dunkaroos have a few ingredients. Mainly, they include the following:


A lot of the Dunkaroos ingredients are actually part of the frosting. I mean, the frosting is kind of also part of the Dunkaroos. That includes sugar, vegetable oil, water, corn syrup, corn starch, nonfat milk, salt, monoglycerides, polysorbate.

Yea, just gonna say it now, there’s so much fake stuff in these. It doesn’t bother me personally and I can scarf up these one after another, but still.

These have about every color of lake in them. Yellow lake, red lake, blue lake, you name it. I’ve never seen a yellow lake but those must exist somewhere out there. Anyway, there’s a lot of that type of stuff in them. Anyhoo, on to the review.

The Dunkaroos Review

Two important things about these: the frosting is good and the cookies were good. Actually, the cookies were okay. They were pretty standard little wafers with D’s on them. The frosting tasted like the same kind you might get to frost a cake with. Side note, did you know that there was a website dedicated to these things?

I didn’t know that. Anyways, these are good. Watch the video review for a final rating and please leave a review of them if you think they were good!

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