Meijer Hours So You Know When to Go Get Stuff

Meijer Hours have been pretty straightforward for the last few months. Basically, when the pandemic started, the grocery and fuel chain made some adjustments to give their team more time to do things around the store.

Those are things like deep cleaning and restocking shelves with food before a rush of customers. They are continuing to follow the CDC’s guidelines in response to the virus and make sure that their stores are safe for customers. The Meijer hours allow them to stay more vigilant in their cleaning and sanitization practices.

They are really aiming to keep high-frequency touch points like check-out lanes, self-checkouts and service areas clean. Same with team member work areas.

Meijer Hours Currently

A few of their stores are temporarily open between 6 am to 11 pm daily. Those are Orland Park, Evergreen Park, IL, Detroit – W. Eight Mile Rd. and Detroit – Grand River Ave., MI and Wauwatosa, WI.

All stores temporarily close at midnight except Orland Park and Evergreen Park, IL, Detroit – W. Eight Mile Rd. and Detroit – Grand River Ave., MI and Wauwatosa, WI.

The Meijer hours for fuel are 24/7, which is really nice. The Sam’s Club that I go unfortunately closes at 8 or 9 I think. Meijer Express is open 8 am to 10 pm, all week and all customers are welcome.

What They Offer

You can pick up a ton of different grocery items and fuel at this place. For example, they have tons of seafood like Latitude 45 Smoked Salmon, Meijer Imitation Crab or Lobster, Treasures from the Sea Snow Crab, Cold Water Lobster Tail.

Frederik’s by Meijer Tilapia Fillets look pretty good. So do Frederik’s by Meijer Snapper or Grouper. They have things like Rising Tide Keta Salmon, so it’s important to know the Meijer Hours and be able to get in there and buy some for their sale prices.

There’s even more than that. Get things like Guerro White Corn Tortillas, Tapatio Ramen Noodle Soup Cups, Hacienda Authentic Tortilla Chips, Kellogg’s Family Size Cereal and a whole lot more. Things like Post Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles Cereal Crisps or Shakeups.

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