Millville Birthday Cake Crispy Rice Treats Review

Millville Birthday Cake Crispy rice treats are on the table for me today. They look pretty sugary, truth be told. I’ve always been a fan of Rice Krispies treats, so I imagine that this version with frosting and sprinkles will be good.

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It seems like I’ve seen an uptick in birthday cake flavored things lately. There’s unicorn birthday cake ice cream at the Dollar Tree, various birthday cake flavored alcohol out there, and I think there’s even birthday cake gum now.

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My big question is how do they decide what “birthday cake” flavor even is? I’ve always had Dairy Queen ice cream cakes in the past. I don’t think any of them have been pink with sprinkles on them. Maybe I’ve had some sprinkles, but you get the idea.

In this case at least, the only thing that looks different is that there’s some sprinkles on the bars. There might be a tiny bit of frosting, but honestly, I can’t tell if that’s what it is or just marshmallow. Either way, these Millville Birthday Cake Crispy Rice treats do look good.

The packaging also touts that there’s no artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup in them. That actually does blow me away. There’s also no certified synthetic colors or synthetic preservatives, either. I’m genuinely interested how Aldi can pull that off and also have these taste like a birthday cake. It sounds like a lot of people got pretty excited when these were announced, so let’s get into it.

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Millville Birthday Cake Crispy Rice Treats Nutrition Facts

birthday cake crispy rice nutrition facts

Each box of these has 8 birthday cake flavored bars in them at 100 calories a pop. There’s a tiny bit of fat, but not a noticeable amount. Not much sodium either. The bulk of these is in the carbs, but there’s actually way less sugar than I was thinking there’d be. Seeing a pretty minimal spread of nutritional ingredients does make me even more interested in what these Millville Birthday Cake Crispy Rice Treats will taste like.

There’s a smidgeon of protein and no vitamins or minerals. I always thought Rice Krispies at least had some iron in them, but that might be the cost of the Essential Goodness mentioned on the box, it’s tough to say.


Millville Birthday Cake Crispy Rice bar ingredients

Although these do have the “pretty much no bad anything” sticker (Essential Goodness) on the front of the box, they do actually have a lot of chemically sounding things in them. Pyridoxine hydrochloride, crystalline fructose, maltodextrin, all the fan favorites. On the bright side, it is also gluten free and nut free.

The other thing that I don’t get is that Thiamine mononitrate is a b vitamin. The package doesn’t list any b vitamins though, so that seems a little odd.

The Millville Birthday Cake Crispy Bar Review

The moment we’ve all been waiting for, the review to see if it’s birthday cake flavored or not. I’m thinking these might taste like the regular original ones Aldi carries with sprinkles on top, but let’s find out. They really didn’t skimp on the wrapping or anything, the pink with a picture of a real cake really gets your attention, too.

My judgement was a little clouded for this since I’d been over-doing it with sugar during the week, but I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible. These are pretty much just the original ones with a few sprinkles on them. The definitely aren’t bad tasting, but I was expecting a little more. At the same time, the experience with the box/wrapper is pretty fun.

Nutrition Facts: Average

Ingredients: Below Average

Preparation: Average

Taste: Kinda Average

Rating: 6.989/10

Recommend? Yes

Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley writes about food and business.