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I Took My Headphones Off In The Gym And Here’s What Happened

Credit: Max Pixel

You need headphones in the gym, says most people. Frankly, I put them on most of the time and blare music like there’s no tomorrow too. But that isn’t particularly great for your ears, according to sciency people. So now and again I will run the old experiment of *gasp,* going to the gym with no headphones on. About a week ago I did it again after feeling my ears popping uncontrollably (likely due to the loud bar I was in on the previous Saturday) and here is what happened:

So yea, if you think you can handle a lift with no music, I would highly encourage it. Otherwise, most gyms also have a stereo system playing something. It happened to be good music at a non-ear shattering volume in mine, so I had at least something to draw adrenaline from.



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