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8 Things That Only People With An Internship Understand

An internship is a great way to get your feet wet without full-on committing to a certain career field. It is also a perfect way for employers to vet out the people who may not be a great fit. 8 things are a common denominator for most over the summer internship, and chances are you have experience in some of the following already.

1. Going out during the week is DONE. Unless you’re a machine.

A wild intern after successful transformation into an office drone.

2. You have, “cash money,” as they say. Free to spend it however you please, but please put a little away for retirement. You’ll thank me later.

cash photo

3. Coffee is life.

A jittery, shaky life.

4. Office Gossip is a Real Thing.

Gossip photo

And you don’t want to be it.

5. Procrastinating Works in the Real World Too.

Just more stress. A lot more.

6. Your Boss Might Actually Be Your Best Friend

7. It’s Scary at First.

scary photo

Honestly, that spider is more cool than scary.

8. But Not That Scary

Your summer employer wants you to succeed. They get it, you know absolutely nothing about anything related to the job. By the end of the summer, they will probably hope that you have a grip on a quarter of what they actually do. So do. not. panic. Learn to iron your shirt, get a good night’s sleep, pack a lunch, and you will be fine.