Surveys For Money: How and Where To Do Them

Surveys for money are a great way to add some extra cash to your cow. Or piggy. You know that they do make cow banks for people who aren’t into piggy banks, right? The more you know.

Know what else? Your opinion is worth some money, too. If that doesn’t motivate you to learn more about this, I’m not sure what will!

There are a handful of websites out there that will give you money in exchange for your answers. They might ask you to work on a classic questionnaire, watch videos, or other activities.

The offers on the sites are usually things like Visa gift cards or other ones that go to specific stores. Let’s get into how to do them, some qualifiers that these sites look for, and how you can start making things happen with one of these sites!

1. How to Take Classic Surveys For Money

We’ve all taken a classic survey, but not as many of us have taken classic-style surveys for money. Basically, these are like the ones that you took for that classmate’s science fair project back in the day. The project where they used different kinds of fake sugar to see if there was a taste difference.

Even if it didn’t win first prize against the guy who built an electric car, those kinda-okay brownies were still decently tasty.

surveys for money

Plot twist: neither of them had real sugar. Taking classic surveys for money is straightforward enough. You need to answer a few qualifying questions so they can make sure that you are a fit for the demographic they want to talk to. The qualifying section could end up taking a while, so, be prepared for that depending on the site or survey.

You may end up not being a fit for the different surveys that you do. While that can get frustrating, it does happen so it’s something to be aware of going into them.

The layout of these will be similar to the one pictured above with the brownies. Simple, straightforward questions with a few radio buttons as answers. On sites like Survey Junkie, you will qualify for about 1/5 surveys on average.

2. Getting Paid to Watch Videos

If classic surveys for money aren’t your thing, don’t sweat it. You can always sit back and relax with some videos. Websites like iRazoo will pay you to watch videos online and then answer questions.

Again, a lot of their qualifying requirements will depend on who you are, your background, and what you do for a living. Specifically, iRazoo is focused on stay-at-home moms (based on their intro video at least).

There are also a lot of other sites to consider, too. You could take a look at ones like Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, and Inbox dollars for decent options.

3. Tell The Truth Taking Surveys For Money

After doing a few surveys for money, you will undoubtedly realize that you don’t qualify for very many on the various sites. This shouldn’t hinder your attempts, but, avoid fudging the truth about who you are and your background.

The truth always comes out. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, listen to the Frank Abagnale talk at Google:

He was a pretty talented con artist, but everything caught up to him eventually!

4. Understand That It’s Not A Way To Get Rich Quick

One important aspect of taking surveys for money is that you need to remember it’s not a one-way ticket to wealth. Taking these surveys is a good way to kill time if you like to multi-task in front of the television.

You also probably already need a certain level of income to qualify for the surveys some of the time. The bottom line is that it’s a decent way to add a couple bucks to your wallet from time to time.

Tying It All Together

Taking surveys for money can be a great way to make a little extra here and there. You will not be able to quit your full-time job and do this, but, it can help you to top off your annual 401k contributions if you keep at it and work on this a decent amount. That or it can earn you a little extra beer money from time to time. It’s your money, do whatever you want with it!

Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley writes about food and business.