The Most Important Rooms in a Rental To Update

When you’re looking to increase your rental property’s appeal and value, focusing your renovation and upgrade efforts on key rooms is essential. You may not be able to make everything look luxurious and top-of-the-line, but you can do so in the most-used and attention-grabbing spaces. Making intentional updates like this can enhance the guest experience, lead to more bookings, and even allow you to charge a higher rate. Read on to discover the most important rooms in a rental to update so you can get the greatest return on investment for your property.

The Kitchen

For many guests, having a modern, fully functional kitchen is crucial to their stay, especially for those who prefer cooking to dining out. After all, most travelers love the thought of saving a buck here and there.

Upgrading appliances to more efficient and modern models, ensuring ample and organized storage space, and adding fresh, inviting decor can transform your kitchen into a space guests are ecstatic about. An updated kitchen meets the practical needs of your guests and sets the tone for the style and comfort level of the rest of your rental.

Plus, this doesn’t have to be an expensive upgrade! You can update a rental kitchen without a renovation that will set you back thousands of dollars.

The Bathroom

Sure, the bathroom isn’t the most glamorous room in a rental, but its appearance plays a significant role in how guests perceive the space. Most importantly, the bathroom should always be spotlessly clean. However, even an ugly bathroom can be sanitary.

To upgrade the room’s aesthetics, consider installing modern fixtures, good lighting, and chic decor. Some moisture-loving plants are a nice touch. Additionally, if you really want to go the extra mile, install water-efficient toilets and showers—guests will love the modern touch, and you’ll benefit from lower utility costs.

Ultimately, a well-designed bathroom can serve as a relaxing retreat for guests, adding an extra layer of luxury to their stay.

The Living Room

The living room is where guests often spend a considerable amount of their downtime. It’s a space for relaxation, entertainment, and sometimes work. Therefore, spend time tailoring this space to every need. Fill the room with plush pillows and blankets, invest in a really nice sofa, and install dimmable lighting for a comfortable mood and reduced eye strain. Additionally, make sure the living room has important tech features, such as a smart TV, strong Wi-Fi, and perhaps even a home assistant.


Comfortable, inviting bedrooms are crucial to guest satisfaction. Invest in high-quality mattresses, luxurious bedding, and plenty of storage and lighting options. Fill the walls with relaxing and intriguing artwork. Put diffusers on the bedside tables. Make sure the carpeting is plush and high quality. While these upgrades are most important for the main bedroom, making each bedroom a haven for relaxation will truly set your rental apart from the rest.

Focusing on these most important rooms in a rental to update can significantly enhance your property’s appeal, leading to happier guests and more bookings. You’re making entrepreneur moves by investing in your rental property’s success and ensuring a delightful experience for every guest who walks through your doors.