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Hostinger Web Hosting Review for 2021

Hostinger web hosting review: is it ideal if you want to save some money and get a WordPress website set up with a free domain? Let’s find out.

Their entry-level shared hosting package also comes with free SSL, which will come in handy if you plan on setting up an eCommerce website.

Advertiser Disclosure: we will receive compensation if you decide to sign up for Hostinger’s services through this article. That does not affect our unbiased reviewing of their service.

This review will dig into the important details about things like speed, security, and ease of use around Hostinger web hosting for your online project.

Snapshot of Hostinger Web Hosting

  • Main packages are shared hosting
  • Their popular package has 20 GB’s of SSD storage
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • WordPress Acceleration
  • Hosting for as little as $.99/month
  • Cloudflare protected nameservers
  • Free SSL at all pricing tiers

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Hostinger Company Overview

Hostinger has been around since 2004. The company was founded in Kaunas, Lithuania and bootstrapped its way to where it is now. They had the idea to let customers create a website for free with Cpanel, MySQL, and no-limits PHP.

Today, they boast over 29 million users in 178 countries. They average 15,000 signups every day, too. As of June 2019, their team is 400+ employees strong and continuing to grow.

Quick Likes/Dislikes with Hostinger Web Hosting


  • Very inexpensive to get started, the price only goes up by about $2.50/month when you renew, too.
  • Free SSL – having this is crucial if you plan on selling anything
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for hostinger web hosting
  • Cloudflare protected name servers
  • They offer a lot of different hosting options – shared, cloud, WP, VPS, and others
  • You can buy domains through them


  • The website builder costs money
  • Email verification can take a little while for domain purchases
  • Going to “Shared Hosting” in their dashboard defaults to the $16/month option
  • Their $.99 per month option is really only available for a 48-month commitment once you’re in the shopping cart. They don’t say that up-front
  • The cheapest possible plan is really about $15

Hostinger Web Hosting Review

At one time, a few buddies and I had the idea to go and try to start up an online retail store. Our decision to go with a host back then was mainly based on who was cheapest, so, we ultimately decided to go with Hostinger because of the price point they advertise at.

Once we were actually in the shopping cart, the Hostinger web hosting package did get a little bit more expensive. For us, though, we didn’t care too much about that and pushed forward with buying one + a domain name on top of that. We ended up abandoning the project, but, we did get plenty of experience with them along the way.

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hostinger web hosting

Compared with other hosting companies out there, the prices really aren’t that bad considering what you get in their packages. The $1.99 per month ends up being a little under $100 when you add up the 48 months.

We were happy with the site we had up with them, no security breaches, issues with the SSL or any email problems either. If you need a host for 2022, for this Hostinger web hosting review, it’s a good pick to consider.

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