Why You Should Try To Avoid Potholes on the Road

When you’re cruising around town, the last thing you want to do is hit a pothole. But why, exactly, should you try to avoid potholes on the road? It turns out that these road hazards can cause quite a bit of damage to your beloved ride. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the top five reasons young car owners should avoid potholes to keep their vehicles in the best shape possible.

Damaged Steering

Hitting a pothole can do a number on your car’s steering. The sudden impact can cause the steering wheel to jerk and even lead to misalignment, making your vehicle harder (and less safe) to control. You can take care of your steering system by avoiding external damage to it and using a great steering wheel cleaner to keep it in good shape from the inside. On top of that, consistently driving over potholes can wear down your car’s suspension system, forcing you to shell out for costly repairs in the long run.

Tire Damage

Another common reason why you should try to avoid potholes on the road is tire damage. When your tire hits a pothole, it’s subjected to a lot of stress. If the impact is severe enough, the tire can become punctured, resulting in a flat. Even if your tire escapes without a puncture, it can still experience uneven wear and tear, shortening its lifespan and potentially leading to a dangerous blowout down the road. There are many helpful steps you can take if your vehicle is damaged by a pothole. Before taking any other measures, you should pull over and carefully assess the level of damage.

Worn Shocks and Struts

Your car rides on shocks and struts that help absorb the bumps and vibrations of driving. When you drive over potholes, these components can get damaged. As a result, your car’s ride quality may suffer, and it might feel bouncier or less controlled than it should. Ultimately, you’ll need to replace these parts, which can be a relatively expensive repair.

Body Damage from Splashes

Splashing through a pothole and its surrounding puddle might seem fun, but it’s not doing any favors for your car’s paint job. The muddy water that’s stirred up when you hit a pothole can splash onto your vehicle and stick to its surface. If you don’t wash your car right away, the dried mud can be difficult to remove and may even cause scratches or other paint damage. If you do hit a pothole and get more muddy water onto your car than expected, we suggest using a quality car cleaning kit to help clean it up.

Lower Resale Value

If the above reasons haven’t convinced you yet, consider this: a car that has been repeatedly subjected to pothole impacts is likely to have more wear and tear and a lower resale value than a car that has been driven carefully. By avoiding potholes and keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition, you’re setting yourself up for a higher resale value down the line.