Aldi Ad for you to look at this week

Aldi Ad for 4.24-4.30.2022 To View or Download

Aldi Ad for 4.24-4.30.2022 is our focus here. We’ll be going over a lot of the good deals that they have in it and more. This week’s mailer has things like fruit and various meats on sale. You can get some avocados for 99 cents each, those are looking pretty green.

Mangoes are 69 cents each, those look pretty tasty. Multicolored peppers are $2.99 per 3-pack. Those look really good. Roma Tomatoes are 95 cents per pound. Grab some Papayas for 99 cents per pound. Those are also looking pretty good.

Ducktrap Fresh Lightly Smoked Salmon Portions are $10.99.

The Aldi Ad for 4.24-4.30.2022 Has Beef, Chicken