Work from home has taken over most jobs because of our situation with the pandemic. For most of us, that’s not such a bad thing. It brings a lot of perks, like saving on gas, no commute time, and being able to roll out of bed to your desk (please get dressed). If something doesn’t feel right with your current position, don’t worry! There are a ton of other work from home jobs that you could try doing.

Updated 11.17.2022

1. Account Executive/Sales Rep

Many account executive jobs were already remote prior to the pandemic. A lot of the ones I worked with usually went into the office because they wanted to, but, ultimately none were required to be in a certain place at a certain time other than for discovery calls and deadlines related to their own sales cycles.

An account executive is just another name for a sales representative.

Top sales representatives can make anywhere from $180,000+ depending on the industry. If you perform well at the sales development representative level and inside sales levels for 3 to 4 years, you can get into the high earning position faster than almost any industry.

The best thing about sales is that anyone can do it. You do need to be a bit street smart and be able to manage stress, but, anyone can be an account executive.

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2. Accountant Work From Home Jobs

Accountants are highly sought after because of the workload they do and how valuable that is to companies. In addition to that, they are paid pretty competitively at the private industry level. Public accountants aren’t paid quite as much, but, it still ranks highly among the work from home jobs out there. Long term, you will typically earn more in public accounting if you keep moving up and get promoted to being a partner.

At the lowest level in public accounting (working for an accounting firm) you will probably be looking at $50-54,000 annually. You will earn more money in the short-term doing accounting for a company, but, your flexibility for moving to different jobs will be less if you are an accountant for a private organization.

3. Content Writer Work From Home Jobs

Being a professional content writer has been a remote position for a few years already. The average copywriter salary is $61,657, according to Indeed, so definitely not a bad way to make a living. As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, this job can work for you!

If you don’t have the background for this type of job, don’t worry! There are a lot of websites out there that accept guest blog articles from industry experts. You can leverage your current professional experience to get published and build a portfolio that allows you to transition into a content-focused role later on. There are blogs out there for accountants, salespeople, you name it.

4. Software Developer

You will need a certain skill set and education to do a job like this one, but, you can also get paid a ton of money in entry-level developer positions. Out of all the jobs on this list, being an entry-level software developer pays the best at about $110,000 annually, according to Ziprecruiter.

This will definitely require going back and getting some education, but you can also start building programming skills for free. There are tons of resources on the internet and books available to start building a foundation for learning a programming language. You can also attend a coding bootcamp and be able to talk-the-talk in a few short months.

5. Marketing Manager

If you have some marketing experience, you may be able to land a position as a marketing manager. These typically earn around $70,000 annually and serve a handful of different functions. You might be in charge of email marketing software or you might be in charge of a sales development representative team.

You will want sales experience ahead of time if you decide to take a position in charge of an SDR team. As mentioned earlier, there are many work from home jobs in sales. There is a lot of turnover with those types of managers because many rely on high-level industry metrics to gauge their teams’ performance.

The typical metrics will be something like earning 20 qualified sales opportunities per quarter and doing around 50-60 activities (calls/emails) per day. The problem is that a lot of companies (enterprise ones at least) have markets that are too small for those metrics to make sense.

What results in those situations is the SDR team trying to find ways to fill in activity instead of focusing on doing their jobs well. This eventually catches up to the manager. Just make sure you understand a company and its market going into a job like this and you will do fine.

6. Consultant Work From Home Jobs

“Consultant” is an umbrella term that can cover a lot of jobs. Every industry has consultants and it’s a job you can usually do if you have a certain level of experience. There are other types of consulting positions where you don’t need prior experience, like working as one for a Big 4 accounting firm right out of college.

Compensation for this type of thing can vary widely. You can expect to see an entry-level salary of around $75,000 for a lot of consulting positions.

Tying It All Together

Work from home jobs have become the norm in the time period we live in. If you need a new position, consider one of these for your next move. Sales, accounting, and content writing are some of the easiest ones to get. See where your next move takes you!