Publix Ad for 7.6-7.12.2022 To View or Download

Publix Ad for 7.6-7.12.2022 is our focus here. We’ll be going over a lot of the different deals that they have and more for you to take a look at.

Some Boneless New York Strip Steak is $9.99 per pound, that’s looking really good. Broccoli or Cauliflower is 2 for $5.00, you can mix or match your favorite bunch!

Pickup some ground sirloin for $4.99/LB. The Publix Deli 5-Piece Chicken Wings Meal is $5.99. That looks like it would be really good in the Publix Ad for 7.6-7.12.2022.

The Publix Bakery Dinner Rolls, 12-Count are $2.49. General Mills Cheerios Cereal are BOGO Free, that looks pretty good to me! Dunkin’ K-Cup Coffee is $7.49, not too bad there at all

Publix Ad for 7.6-7.12.2022 Has Snacks

Get a 10-Pack of Coca-Cola Products, buy 2 get 1 free. Those look pretty good as well. Some General Mills Chex Mix Snack baggies are BOGO Free.

Nabisco Family Size Crackers are BOGO Free, that includes things like Wheat Thins and triscuits in the Publix Ad for 7.6-7.12.2022.

Sabra Guacamole with Tostitos Rolls are BOGO free. Chobani Greek Yogurt is 10 for $10. Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies are 2 for $7.00. Some Nature Valley Bars are 2 for $6.00.

Willy’s Original Salsa is BOGO Free. Publix Bakery Mini Apple Strudel, 4-Count is $2.15. That’s some good lookin’ strudel.

Nabisco Family Size Cookies are 2 for $8.00. Diana’s Banana Babies are 2 for $7.00. Those also look pretty darn good in the Publix Ad for 7.6-7.12.2022.

More Good Stuff Like Drinks

Get a 24-Pack of Budweiser, Miller, or Coors Beer for $17.99. That looks like it’s pretty good if you ask me. King Stag Cabernet Sauvignon Wine is 2 for $16.99. Some Cavit Pinot Grigio Wine is $12.99.

La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay Wine is $18.99. 2 for $11.99 Trivento Malbec Reserve Wine. Apothic Red Wine is $9.99 and La Marca Prosecco Wine is $13.99 in the Publix Ad for 7.6-7.12.2022.

Grab a 6-Pack of Smirnoff or Mike’s Hard Malt Beverage for $8.99.

Some Delicious Gia Russa Select Pasta Sauce is BOGO

You can also grab some Publix Sweet Italian Sausage for $5.49, that looks like it’s really good. There’s some Salmon Select Cuts for $6.99 and Cooked Jumbo Shrimp for $13.99/LB in the Publix Ad for 7.6-7.12.2022, looking pretty good.

But wait, there’s more! Grab some Small Lobster Tails for $6.99 and Large White Shrimp for $7.99/LB. Salmon Fillets are $10.99/LB.