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Telcomm Credit Union touts itself as being “better than banking” on their website. In this article, we’ll dig into whether this non-profit financial institution in Missouri is the right community to join. I’ll cover their products, rates, membership eligibility and more.

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2155 E. Sunshine Street
Springfield, MO 65804

2416 W. Battlefield Road
Springfield, MO 65807

Telcomm Credit Union

400 E. Chestnut Street
Springfield, MO 65806

1750 E. Republic St.
Springfield, MO 65804

338 N. Massey – Fountain Plaza
Nixa, MO 65714

161 US Highway 60 West
Republic, MO 65738

A Little History on Telcomm Credit Union

TCU was started a little after the average CU, but not that much more. They were chartered in June, 1940 for telephone employees in Springfield. Harry Duewel played a big part in putting everything together, he was an employee of Southern Bell.

There’s something to be said about places that remember how they started. A lot of the credit unions that I look at don’t have a ton of history. Once in a while I see a name but not that often.

Through various mergers over the years, Telcomm Credit Union has gotten pretty big. I consider it in the small to mid-size range today, with assets over $245 million, according to their NCUA profile.

It doesn’t look like they are part of any ATM networks or anything which is kind of weird. At the same time, their debit card is said to be accepted at millions of ATMs (although I’m not sure if that includes surcharges).

Do they give back at all?

Telcomm Credit Union does give back in a few ways. There isn’t a dedicated page on their website that I could find, however, it looks like they hold an annual golf tournament that benefits a few of their local charities.

They also have a scholarship program.

Membership Requirements at Telcomm Credit Union

There are a ton of different ways to get into this Missouri CU. There’s the usual ways of living or working (or having families living or working) in a few Missouri Counties. Those include Greene, Christian, Lawrence, Webster, and Polk of southwest Missouri.

Then, there are other methods like religious affiliation or if you work for a certain company. The list is way too long for me to go over here, but, you can check out the entire thing on their site.

Products at Telcomm Credit Union

There are only personal products at TCU, so, if you’re looking for business banking, check out another Missouri CU like Neighbors.

They have checking, savings, something called “goal” accounts, CDs, Educational Savings accounts, HSAs, Retirement Accounts, loans, and other services like investing.

Telcomm Credit Union’s Goal accounts are basically sub-savings accounts under one account number. So, if you wanted to save for something like taxes or a vacation, this would be the right vehicle to do it with.

Rates at Telcomm Credit Union

(all rates current at the time of this writing, however, they are subject to change without notice)


NEW 2020–2021As low as 1.99% APR
Pre-Owned 2017–2019As low as 2.49% APR
Pre-Owned 2011–2016As low as 3.24% APR
Pre-Owned 2010 & OlderContact Loan Officer
Up to 84 month terms, please call for details

Home Mortgage Rates at Telcomm Credit Union

15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage held at TelComm CUAs low as 3.25% APR
30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage (Refinance only)As low as 3.75% APR
15/20/25/30 Year Conventional Fixed MortgageVaries
USDA MortgageVaries
FHA MortgageVaries
VA MortgageVaries
Home Equity Line of Credit held at TelComm CUAs low as 4.00% APR
Fixed Rate Home Equity LoanAs low as 4.00% APR
Rental Property Loans held at TelComm CU (1–4 Units only, held at TCU)Contact TCU Loan Officer
Loans originated at TCU generally have lower fees than other lenders

Motorcycle, ATV, Boats, RV, Camper, Travel Trailer

NEW 2020–2021 (Never Titled)As low as 3.99% APR
Pre-Owned 2017–2019As low as 4.49% APR
Pre-Owned 2011–2016As low as 5.24% APR
Pre-Owned 2010 & OlderContact a TCU Loan Officer

MasterCard Credit Card loan rates at Telcomm Credit Union

MasterCard Credit CardAs low as 8.90% APR

MasterCard Secured Credit Card loan rate

MasterCard Secured Credit CardAs low as 14.90% APR

Signature Loan Rate

UnsecuredAs low as 8.90% APR

Share Secured Loan Rate

Share SecuredAs low as 3.00% APR

CD Secured Loan Rate

CD Secured Loan (1yr. term or longer)CD Rate + 2.50% APR

Member Business Loan Rate

Non-Owner Occupied Rental Property (1–4 units only)As low as 4.00% APR

Account Rates

Share Savings ($50 Avg. Daily Bal./Qtr.)0.07% APY
Sub-Share Savings0.07% APY
Christmas Club (After balance reaches $50.00)0.07% APY
Checking (ADB/month of $200.00)0.03% APY
Kirby Kangaroo Kids Share0.07% APY
Coverdell Education Savings Acct. (ESA) Share0.80% APY
Health Savings Acct. (HSA) Share0.80% APY
IRA Share0.80% APY

CD Rates at Telcomm Credit Union

CDs have a $1,000.00 minimum.
24 Month0.60% APR / 0.60% APY
12 Month0.50% APR / 0.50% APY
6 Month0.35% APR / 0.35% APY
90 Day0.25% APR / 0.25% APY

Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA)

24 Month ESA CD0.60% APR / 0.60% APY
12 Month ESA CD0.50% APR / 0.50% APY
6 Month ESA CD0.35% APR / 0.35% APY

HSA CD Rates

6 Month HSA CD0.35% APR / 0.35% APY
12 & 24 Month HSA CDs Available, please call Main Office for details

IRA CD Rates

24 Month IRA CD0.60% APR / 0.60% APY
12 Month IRA CD0.50% APR / 0.50% APY
6 Month IRA CD0.35% APR / 0.35% APY

APY= Annual Percentage Yield

Checking account dividends paid monthly.

All other dividend rates declared and paid quarterly.

Rates may vary and are subject to change without notice.

Telcomm Credit Union – Final Thoughts

Telcomm has a pretty big field of membership because of their more recent mergers in the last few years. They do not offer business products, so, you’ll need to look somewhere else if you have a small business. It’s nice to see that they have a few different charitable efforts in the works every year. Their website also has a range of accessibility features, which can benefit disabled users who have conditions like dyslexia.

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