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Metro Credit Union Missouri is the non-profit CU that I’ll be taking a look at today. We’ll go over important details on this CU like their products, rates, member eligibility and a lot more.

By the time you’re finished reading, it should give you useful information to make an educated decision about working with them.

At the end, you can also add in your own personal review of this CU if you have experience with them.

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A Little History on Metro Credit Union Missouri

This Missouri CU started around the same time a lot of others out there did. They were a little ahead starting in 1929. Many CU’s out there were formed in the mid-30’s once we were full-on into the depression.

There isn’t much history besides their founding date. The NCUA profile for them actually says that they were chartered in 1935, so, maybe they were operating unofficially or something between ’29-35.

Today, this small to mid-size credit union has just under $100 million in assets. You can also access your cash from this CU at over 30,000 different ATMs nationwide because of their involvement in the CO-OP network.

Do They Give Back at all?

It does not look like they give back to any charities or through volunteering. I searching their site pretty thoroughly and using Google for all the keywords like “charity,” “community,” “giving back,” the usual stuff.

Member Eligibility

In order to be eligible, you will need to meet certain criteria based around where you work or live. Living or working in Greene/Christian counties of Missouri will get you in. Being related to a current member gets you in and employers offering memberships as a benefit can get you in, too.

Products at Metro Credit Union Missouri

It looks like they only offer personal products at Metro Credit Union Missouri. That can be a good thing if you’re just in the market for personal products, however, if you have a business it’s best for you to look somewhere else. The good news is that there are a lot of credit unions around Missouri and the surrounding states that can meet business needs.

I like seeing a CU that stays focused on one thing instead of trying to do a bunch of different stuff.

You can choose from checking accounts, savings, money markets, CDs, IRAs, HSAs, youth accounts, loans and mortgages at this CU.

Their loans cover auto, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and other things not directly specified on their website. In addition to mortgages, there are also home equity lines of credit at Metro Credit Union Missouri. You can get credit and debit cards here, too.


(rates were all current at the time of publishing this, however, they are subject to change without notice)


New Auto1.99%
Used Auto2.99%
Fixed Home Equity LOCCALL
Variable Home Equity LOCCALL
*APR’s listed are “as low as” rates and are based on a 36 month term and direct deposit discount; not all applicants will qualify for lowest rates. Underwriting, terms, model year, and membership requirements may apply.  
Variable Home Equity LOC based on 6 Month Treasury and may adjust quarterly.
Rates are subject to change.  Effective 02/01/2021.


*Savings(Share) / Youth Accounts / Digelopes0.10%0.10%
*Christmas Club1.00%1.00%
*IRA Savings1.00%1.00%
*Health Savings0.75%0.75%
**Money Market0.50%0.50%
Accidental Savings Tier 1$0.01 – $25002.00%2.02%
Accidental Savings Tier 2$2,500.01+0.10%0.10%
*$100 minimum to earn dividends (Youth Accounts are excluded from minimum). **$2,500 minimum to earn dividends.
Rates are subject to change.  Effective 12/31/2020.

SHARE CERTIFICATES (CD) at Metro Credit Union Missouri

*3 month0.20%0.20%
*6 month0.35%0.35%
12 month0.50%0.50%
24 month0.75%0.75%
36 month1.05%1.06%
60 month1.15%1.16%
*Minimum amount for deposit is $1,000.
All other terms have a minimum of $500.
A penalty may apply for early withdrawal.
Rates are subject to change.  Effective 01/01/2021.


12 month0.50%0.50%
24 month0.75%0.75%
36 month1.05%1.06%
60 month1.15%1.16%
*Minimum amount for deposit is $500. 
A penalty may apply for early withdrawal.

Rates are subject to change.  Effective1/01/2021.

Metro Credit Union Missouri – Final Thoughts

Metro Credit Union Missouri has almost all of the personal products that you would find at any other one. Actually, they do have all the standard products. The only thing that’s really missing is the insurance that some CU’s have, however, that’s also usually offered through a third-party agency and it’s never actually a product of the credit union.

If you’re looking for a place for your business to work with, there are others in Missouri you should check out. As far as giving back goes, there was nothing that I could dig up, however, they may not be public about their charity work so it’s always fair to give the benefit of the doubt. For those in their field of membership, it’s a solid looking place to go with your money.

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