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UW Credit Union is the Wisconsin CU I’ll be focusing on here for you. We’ll go over important details like their history, membership eligibility, and what products they offer.

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A Little History

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This Wisconsin CU was started around the time most were – the early ’30s. Specifically, it was founded in 1931. Something unique to this one that you might find interesting is that it was actually the first credit union to offer credit cards.

I guess someone out there had to be first! Their website also says that they were the first CU to offer two-factor-authentication. That’s actually really important and impressive.

If you know how other credit union’s got started, you can probably guess how UW Credit Union was, too. The original group of people who started it were all part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus.

Three econ department employees, some graduate students, and some other professors got together and decided to form a credit union.

Membership Requirements At UW Credit Union

There are a lot of different ways you can qualify to be a member. If you are a Wisconsin resident and went to any accredited institution of higher education nationwide, you’re in.

You can also qualify if you live, work, or attend school within 5 miles of any branch location. There are also a few other ways in, which they list on their website here.

Their Products

UW Credit Union can offer you a lot of different financial products. They mainly focus on personal offerings, however, they do have options if you’re a small business owner.

For checking, you can choose from a couple different products. Those include their Rewards Checking, Clear Account, Debit Cards, and Bank with Bucky.

The Bank with Bucky thing is a free Bucky Badger debit card that you get when you open any personal or student checking account at UW Credit Union.

There are also a few student accounts, so, you have option if you’re in school. Those accounts are Rewards Checking – College, Clear Account – College, and Launch Account – Teen.

Additionally, you can choose from small business/organization accounts and trust & estate accounts.

UW Credit Union Loans

There are a number of different loan products there. Those include home loans & mortgages, refinancing, home equity, vehicle loans, student loans and personal loans + lines of credit.

Something I really like are the workshops they offer. You can go to various webinars online to learn about subjects like first-time homebuying and other topics like budgeting.

You can choose from a few different kinds of credit cards. Those options are Visa Signature Rewards Cards, Visa Rewards Credit Card, Visa Credit Card, and a Bucky Credit Card. UW Credit Union really loves that badger!

Savings and Financial Planning Options

There are competitive savings options there, too. Those include regular savings accounts, certificates, money markets, and IRAs.

They have a bunch of different financial advisory services to help you plan ahead. Those include life insurance, education funding, some tax solutions, portfolio management, inheritance & wealth building, retirement planning, retirement income, estate planning, and health/long-term care planning.

Let’s dig into a few of their personal checking options.

Personal Checking Options

You’ll like this. All of their personal checking accounts come with a free Visa debit card, no minimum balance requirements and no monthly fee options.

The first account UW Credit Union lists is Rewards Checking. They have three types of rewards checking accounts: Premium Rewards, Value Rewards, and Access Rewards.

Premium comes with auto-rate discounts, rate increases on certificates, and a credit cards reward bump.

Value offers a rate discount on auto loans. Access is their basic option and comes with their standard account features.

There is something important to know about their overdraft protection, though. They will not charge you for overdrafts unless they are on recurring transactions. Basically, if you stay on top of your subscription bills, then you won’t need to worry about this.

There’s also a $10 grace threshold, so, if you don’t overdraft for more than $10 then you won’t need to worry.

UW Credit Union – Final Thoughts

Anyone operating in Wisconsin or near this credit union should give it a look. They can provide you with all of the personal financial products that you might need.

If you’re running anything other than a small business, it probably makes sense to look at other places. Small ones can work fine here.

They also have a generous overdraft system on the checking accounts. You can take a look at UW Credit Union at https://www.uwcu.org/.

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