United Educators Credit Union Info + Review

United Educators Credit Union is my focus here. We’ll be talking about important details like history, membership eligibility, and what products they offer. I’ll also give you some thoughts on where they stand compared with other CU’s that I’ve looked at.

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Some History

UECU was started back in 1957 for members of the Minnesota Education Association, or MEA. That’s about in-between when a lot of the credit unions in Minnesota started. It seems like a lot of them were either started during the early 30’s depression-era or the early 70’s.

Only very recently in 2019 did they open up their eligibility to the non-educator community. Until that point, you needed to be part of Education Minnesota.

Eligibility At United Educators Credit Union

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Like most credit unions, if you want to be a member there, you will need to be operating out of a certain area. Operating means living, working, worshiping, going to school or doing business somewhere.

The eligible counties you can be in are Anoka, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, or Washington. There are some additional ways in there, too.

You can be a member of the United Educators Foundation, be part of a few other Minnesota education groups, be an employee, or have a family member get you in. There are a lot of ways you can join the United Educators Credit Union!

What They Offer

You can find a number of personal products here. If you’re looking for business products, check out another Minnesota CU for that.

I like their website, everything is laid out for you in a really straight-forward kind of way. It also works smoothly.

You can choose from eight different savings products at United Educators Credit Union. Those include their main Membership Share Savings account, Youth Savings, Money Market Accounts, IRAs, ESAs, Share CDs, and HSAs.

Your savings are also insured up to $500,000. That’s $250,000 through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund and $250,000 by the Excess Share Insurance Corporation.

Checking Options At United Educators Credit Union

There are a lot of checking accounts for you to choose from here. The average MN credit union usually has between one and five checking account options.

You can choose from four depending on your age. Their Student Checking account is only available for students 17 or younger.

The four that are open to you regardless of your age are High-Yield Checking, Cash Back Checking, and Basic Checking.


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You also have a lot of loan options at United Educators Credit Union. They can provide you with home mortgage loans, home equity loans, auto loans, boat loans, personal loans, and private student loans.

I was a little surprised that I didn’t see student loan refinancing, but, they do not offer that. There are tools that you can use like Lendkey to track down a credit union for student loan refinancing if you want to do it at one.

Additional Services At United Educators Credit Union

If you use their financial products, you will have access to the typical tools that most banks offer. Those include online banking/bill pay and mobile banking with mobile deposit.

There are also mobile wallet and eStatements. You can find a branch or ATM quickly with their locator tool as well.

Final Thoughts

If you are a member of the education community in Minnesota, check out this credit union. Even if you aren’t part of that group, it’s worth taking a look at.

That being said, there are also a lot of credit unions out there if you are just a regular person with no ties to the education system.

Making your final decision should always be pretty simple: whichever place helps you make the most of your money. This one can give you low rates on a lot of different types of loans and competitive account benefits when it comes to checking and savings.

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