St Cloud Federal Credit Union – There Is An Option

There is a St Cloud Federal Credit Union, it’s called Great River Federal Credit Union. I’ll be going over a little bit of everything on them. Some history on this CU, membership requirements, their products, and give some thoughts on all that.

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A Little History

Back in the late 1940’s, some employees of a refrigerator factory needed a reliable financial institution. Thus Great River was formed (under a different name). They would go on to change and expand for other trade groups nearby to join over the years.

About 20 years ago in 2001, they became open to serving the needs of everyone in their community (not just labor union members). Since then, this non-profit has continued its expansion. As of May 2021, they joined the American Consumer Council.

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Membership At This St Cloud Federal Credit Union

At this point, anyone can join as long as you’re a member of that American Consumer Council (which is free to join). That means it doesn’t even matter where you live, at least according to their site.

What They Offer

You can get a number of financial products at this St Cloud Federal Credit Union. Those include a range of personal products, like savings accounts, health savings accounts (HSAs), IRAs, Money Market, Share Certificates, Youth, and Teen Accounts.

They can provide you with a free checking account (that we’ll look at more below) and a teen checking account, too. You can also get the typical lending products that a bank would offer, like mortgages, home equity, auto loans, and recreational loans.

If you’re in school, they can supply you with a student loan or personal loan, too. Their overdraft line of credit can come in handy in case you don’t always know what your checking account balance is.

Debit/Credit cards are also an option, as expected. You can even get insurance here, which some credit unions do offer but not all of them. That’s through an agency that this St Cloud Federal Credit Union partners with called TruStage. Their insurance products include Auto, Home, Term Life, and Whole Life.

Business Offerings

There are fewer business-specific offerings here than their personal products. Their main ones are a business savings account, business checking, SEP IRA’s and SEP IRA certificates.

Then, there are two tiers for the accounts – business basic and business plus. Basic is best if you have an account with 19 or less checks deposited each month and it comes with a $5 monthly account fee. Their plus option at this St Cloud Federal Credit Union is best for accounts with 20-100 checks deposited per month and has a $10 monthly account fee.

Investment Options At This St Cloud Federal Credit Union

They partner with a local financial services firm to offer various additional products. Those include some business solutions, wealth management, advisory services, and others, too.

Digital Options With This St Cloud Federal Credit Union

You can also find all the standard digital offerings that most financial institutions have here. Those include online banking, mobile banking (Apple and Android), Mobile Check Deposit, Remote Deposit Capture Limits, Security, and other useful services or features.

Phone banking is even an option (yes, dialing the phone and calling) if that’s your thing.

Final Thoughts

Great River is a solid looking St Cloud Federal Credit Union. They have a wide range of membership, so, you can even join if you’re from further away (at least at the time of this writing). Besides St Cloud, they also have locations in Sauk Rapids, Waite Park, Sartell, and Foley.

I imagine that with their recently expanded range of membership, they will also probably be adding new locations over time as they continue to grow.

Check them out today!

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