Minnco Credit Union – Important Info + Review

Minnco Credit Union is my focus here today. I’ll be going over the important details on this CU in Minnesota. We’ll cover membership requirements, what they offer, and other important details for keeping your money here.

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Routing #: 291973386*

A Little History

This credit union has been around since 1935. It seems like a lot of CU’s in Minnesota started right around that time. I’m not sure if the great depression played a role in it or not. This one came about because a group of people kept getting denied credit at banks and were tired of it.

They put some money together and started lending it each other on an as-needed basis. Now, their membership covers most of East Central Minnesota.

Membership At Minnco Credit Union

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If you want to join this credit union, there are a few ways to become a member. Like other MN CU’s, you can live, work, worship, volunteer in, or attend school in a few different counties.

Those are Isanti, Chisago, Anoka, Benton, Sherburne, Mille Lacs, Washington, Ramsey, Hennepin, Wright, Pine and Kanabec. Spouses, adoptive relatives, or other immediate family members are eligible to join.

Their Offerings

Minnco Credit Union offers a variety of different products. One thing that I noticed and liked to see right away was their “About” menu. I know that those are usually pretty boring, but every single credit union that I’ve reviewed has pretty much kept their fee schedule hidden somewhere on their website.

When I look at Minnco’s “About” menu, the fee schedule is right there. I think it’s important for a CU (or any financial institution) to be as honest and up-front as possible about their fees. Nicely done, Minnco.

You can find the standard offerings here that you would at most MN credit unions. That includes personal services like checking and savings accounts. You can also get certificates of deposit (CDs), Check Cards, and other personal services at Minnco Credit Union.

Business Services + Lending

Minnco also offers various business services that you might find helpful. Those include checking, savings, and business solutions like card services and merchant services.

You can also find auto and toy loans if you need those. To clarify, the “toy loans” are for big toys like motorcycles, Boats, RVs, etc.

I’m sure if you asked nicely, they would still consider a loan if you wanted to buy an actual toy that was just really expensive like a gigantic drone. It might be better to just use their credit card for something like that, though.

They offer commercial loans, home equity loans, Mortgage loans, Personal, and Student loans.

Minnco Credit Union eServices

You’ll find various electronic services at most credit union’s, however, it looks like Minnco offers something a cut above other ones in their services. For example, they have this thing called “CardNav” that lets you control your debit card through your phone/tablet.

The service lets you decide how/when your cards can be used. That can be nice if you typically only shop in a designated geography. What I really like is the ability to set spending limits, since that can help you stay within whatever your budget is. There’s a dedicated app that you can download for that service.

Other Interesting Products

Within the lending products that Minnco credit union offers, they also have things like car services. These are the types of things you might have AAA for- like towing, lock-out service, or battery jump starting.

It makes sense that they offer things like that since any Minnesotan knows there are a lot of roadside assistance situations with the type of winters we have.

Minnco Credit Union Review – Final Thoughts

Minnco is a solid credit union that certain Minnesotans (depending on eligibility) should consider. I like how straightforward their website is and that they have things like their fee schedule out in front instead of tucked away somewhere.

Ultimately, most credit unions offer the same core products – interest bearing checking/savings, lending, and similar business products. It’s the smaller things that make certain ones stand out over others. We didn’t even get into their philanthropy, but their Minnco Foundation also gives back to the community in a handful of ways. Check out Minnco Credit Union today!

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