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Landmark Credit Union is the CU we’ll be focusing on here. I’ll be going over important info like history, eligibility, and what they can offer you. Credit Unions can be a great alternative to traditional banks.

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Because of their non-profit structure, earnings go back to the members (that’s you!). Plus, a lot of them give back to the community in a number of ways, too.

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This Wisconsin CU was started back in the early 1930’s like many others. It’s the standard story, a couple employees at a company called the Rex Chainbelt Company put their money together so they and others there could have a reliable financial institution.

Over the years, Landmark Credit Union has grown to 370,000+ members and over 5.6 billion in assets.

Membership At Landmark Credit Union

You will need to meet at least one of a couple requirements to become a member. People who live or work in Southern or Northeastern Wisconsin are in their field of membership.

In addition to those places, folks in Lake and McHenry counties of Illinois are also eligible. You can get in if an immediate family member belongs, too. That includes step-parents/siblings.

Their Offerings

Landmark Credit Union offers a standard suite of products that you would find at a bank. Those include checking accounts, money markets, savings, and certificates.

They have Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), youth accounts, and safe deposit boxes. You have a variety of loan and credit card options at Landmark Credit Union, too.

Those include home loans and home equity loans (plus line of credit). They also have loans for your vehicles, so, that’s things like auto, trucks, motorcycles.

You can even get loans for your toys, like boats, powersport equipment, and RV loans.

Their personal lines of credit, line of credit, student loans, and consumer credit cards should also be able to meet your needs.

Business + Other Products At Landmark Credit Union

If you run a small business, they have a variety of products for that. Those include business checking accounts, credit cards, loans, savings + money market accounts, and other business products/services in addition to those.

You can even get various investment products/services at Landmark Credit Union. They can also offer insurance and financial consulting. Let’s take a closer look at their personal checking options quick.

Personal Checking

Landmark Credit Union offers three checking accounts: premium, rewards, and VIP. All accounts come with a handful of benefits.

Those include a $0 monthly service fee and $0 minimum balance. There’s a free Visa debit card in it for you, too, that comes with purchase rewards.

Free online banking, free bill pay, free e-statements, and free mobile banking come standard, too. They have over 5,000 ATM locations and mobile payments as well.

There’s a feature called ClickSWITCH (that I’ve seen at some other places, too). It allows you to switch your direct deposit and recurring transfers fast.

Premium Checking

Their premium checking account at Landmark Credit Union features a really high APY of 7.50%. The only downside is that it’s only on balances up to $500. Balances over $500 only earn .10% APY, which is significantly lower.

Rewards Checking at Landmark Credit Union

Their rewards checking account does exactly what you would guess. It earns points that can be redeemed for things like merchandise, travel, and gift cards.

For every $2 in signature-based debit card purchases, you can earn one point.

VIP Checking Account

The VIP checking account is pretty basic. You do get the benefit of earning .10% APY on balances of $2,500 and above, though.

If you want to open a checking account with them, you need to be at least 18 years of age. Parents can open a join owner account with their kids starting at age 14, too.

Landmark Credit Union – Final Thoughts

If you live in their areas or have family connections, Landmark Credit Union can be a solid choice for your financial needs. They offer everything that a typical bank or credit union should offer.

That’s checking, savings, business services, and even some extras like insurance. Check them out at

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