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Kohler Credit Union is the Wisconsin CU that I’ll be focusing on here. We’ll be going over important details on them like their history, member eligibility, and what products they have.

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*Routing number: 275978417

*Phone number: 888.528.2595

A Little History On Kohler Credit Union

Like many, many credit unions out there, KCU was started in the 1930’s. Late 30’s, to be more specific. It was formed by employees of Kohler Co.

I believe that company this CU came from manufactured the sinks and a toilet in my house.

In 1980, it expanded to being an independent credit union. Steadily over time, it has grown to include a much larger range of membership.

Today, they have $575 million in assets.

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Member Requirements at Kohler Credit Union

If you want to qualify for membership at KCU, you’ll need to meet some requirements. Those are that you live or work in either Sheboygan, Calumet, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington or Waukesha county.

If you have immediate family members who qualify for membership, then you do, too.

Their Products

Kohler Credit Union has a number of personal products, business products, and investment options. As far as their personal offerings go, there are checking and savings accounts along with debit and credit cards to go with them.

You can pick from a few loan products, like vehicle loans, mortgages, home equity loans, personal loans, and student loans depending on your needs.

There are also some unique personal products, like their “Pick of the Patch Loan Sale.” That’s basically them offering their most competitive loan products for automobiles, motorcycles, boats or RVs.

You can also connect with them through digital banking on a lot of different platforms, including your Apple watch. I like to see it when a credit union heavily invests in new technology like that.

Some places out there don’t even have much of a website, so, this is great to see that not only have Apple and Android apps, but others like for the Apple Watch.

Kohler Credit Union can also offer you financial education resources to fully take control of your money and spending.

Business Products at KCU

In the way of business products, Kohler Credit Union can offer you a similar ones to their personal. That includes loans, checking, savings, and credit cards.

There are services you can leverage like their Business Loan Inquiry and eBusiness Deposit. Their beMOBILE digital banking also applies to businesses.

There’s something here called “Business Highlight,” which is unique to KCU. If you’re a business member with them, you might get the chance to be promoted on their website or on the televisions in their branch lobbies. I like that.


Kohler Credit Union handles their investment and retirement services through a partnership with CUNA Brokerage Services.

They offer financial, education, and retirement planning. You can also get brokerage accounts, long-term care offerings, estate conservation, trust accounts, and portfolio accounts with them.

How They Give Back

Every good credit union does at least something to give back to the community. Kohler Credit Union is part of the charitable movement that most CU’s participate in, which is great.

Last year, their employees volunteered with groups like Meals on Wheels, the Salvation Army, and a number of local organizations.

They also financially support 20+ charitable organizations.

Final Thoughts on Kohler Credit Union

This Wisconsin CU is a great place for someone who wants to stay local and still have all the same products a giant bank or credit union would offer. Besides checking and savings, they have all the loan and financial advisory services you could ever need. Plus, they give back a lot to the local community.

Check out KCU at https://www.kohlercu.com/ now.

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