Building Trades Credit Union Info and Review

Building Trades Credit Union is my focus for this article. We’ll be looking at a few important details about this Minnesota CU. Those will include history, eligibility, and what they can offer in terms of financial products.

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A Little History

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BTCU was started in the mid to late 1950’s. Originally, they only had 15 members. That’s actually more than most of the CUs I’ve reviewed in Minnesota. Seems like a lot of them have been 5-8 people in the beginning.

Today, they have 18,000 members and $185 million+ in assets. That’s impressive. This credit union was set up to serve cement masons, but, it has since expanded to a lot more groups.

Building Trades Credit Union Eligibility Requirements

This is a pretty exclusive credit union. They offer memberships to various union members and those members’ immediate family.

There’s too many eligible unions to list here, so, I’ll just show you a few of them. You can check out the rest on their site.

Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers – Local 1

Local 6 – Pipefitters (Rochester)

Elevator Constructors – Local 9

Local 10 – Sheet Metal Workers

Plumbers & Pipefitters (Duluth) Local 11 –

Plumbers – Local 15

Asbestos Workers, Heat & Frost Insulators – Local 34

Local 34 – Plumbers & Gasfitters

Asbestos Workers (Duluth) – Local 49 –

Local 49 – Operating Engineers

Painters (St. Paul) – Local 61

Local 68 – Minnesota Interior Systems

There’s a lot more, so, you’ll need to check out if you’re eligible with them.

Building Trades Credit Union Offerings

They offer a lot of different personal and business products for you to choose from at BTCU. Their banking products include checking, savings, share certificates, and automatic savings.

They also have just about any loan product you could possibly need. That includes the usual, like auto loans, home equity, and credit cards.

It also includes more interesting loans, like fish houses, recreational vehicles, and boat loans. In addition to those, they have share secured loans, personal loans, motorcycle loans, and mortgages available.

Building Trades Credit Union also offers insurance products. Those include Auto, GAP, Mechanical Repair, Debt Protection, Homeowners, and Life insurance.

They do not offer any financial advisory services at this time.

For Business and Unions

You can find checking and saving options for unions and businesses, so, you can know that your organization or entity is in union-friendly hands.

As far as loans go, they have PPP Loan Forgiveness, Term Loans, Lines of Credit, Letters of Credit, Real Estate Loans, and Credit Cards. Building Trades Credit Union can also offer your group other services, too.

Those others include payment processing, direct deposit, and apprentice support. The payment processing option is pretty unique, I haven’t found too many places where they do that.

It’s really more of a referral thing to their partner Total Merchant Concepts, but, it’s still nice they can offer to help you get into payment processing. That can be web-based or in-person with payment terminals.

Their Account Management Options

Building Trades Credit Union has the typical resources for managing your personal accounts. Those include online, text, and telephone banking.

They can offer you mobile banking, mobile deposit, and mobile wallet services. They also have an online platform called Go to MyCard which is essentially just mobile banking for your credit card (personal or business).

Their business account management options include mobile banking, bill pay, online banking, and remote deposit in addition to Go to MyCard.

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Building Trades Credit Union – Final Thoughts

If you’re a union member in Minnesota, you should definitely check out BTCU and their products. They offer pretty much everything you could need for personal banking. In addition to that, they also have a competitive suite of business products. Even if you’re not a union member but you have immediate family who belongs, you should give this a look.

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