Blackhawk Community Credit Union Info + Review

Blackhawk Community Credit Union is what I’ll be focusing on here. We’ll go over the important info you need on this CU, like their history, membership eligibility, and product details.

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A Little History on Blackhawk Community Credit Union

Instead of starting in the ’30s like many credit unions, BCCU was started in 1965. Originally formed for employees in a division of General Motors and UAW local 95 (that’s a union), they’ve since grown a lot.

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They’ve been through a few different buildings, a big fire in the 80s and even had their office temporarily based out of a mobile home. Today, they have over $700 million in assets and over 60,000 members, they primarily serve Wisconsin and Illinois residents.

Membership Requirements

If you want to join Blackhawk Community Credit Union, then you will need to live or work in some specific counties of Wisconsin or Illinois. Those are Rock, Dane, Jefferson, Walworth, Green, Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha and Milwaukee counties of Wisconsin.

In Illinois, it’s either Winnebago, Boone, McHenry or Lake County.

Products at Blackhawk Community Credit Union

BCCU carries both personal and business products. As far as personal products go, you can find things like checking & debit, savings, budgeting & debt management, and handle it all through digital banking.

They partner with the firm LPL Financial to provide you with investment products and services. Those include investment portfolio analysis, annual portfolio review, information about mutual funds/annuities, reducing your tax liability, and discussing insurance needs.

Need to borrow some money to finance a big purchase? Look no further, because they can help you with a few different loan products.

There are mortgage and consumer loans, credit cards, and a program called Next Step Lending. Their Next Step program at Blackhawk Community Credit Union is basically designed to help those who may not be in a financial position for a regular loan.

They will educate you about how credit scores work, help you build a budget, and show you what you need to do to qualify for standard financing down the road.

Business Products

You can choose from a variety of business products at BCCU. Those include savings accounts, checking accounts, and various business services.

Business and commercial loans are also available through their business lending team. If you have bills to pay, then you can do that online, too.

How They Give Back

I really like CU’s that show how they give back. Blackhawk Community Credit Union has a page for that and they give in multiple ways.

I don’t consider it bragging when a business has a page showing how they give back. It’s more of an accountability thing, especially in the world of non-profit financial services.

They have a way for community donations to be requested, which is great. There’s a pie chart on their site that shows where their various donations have gone, too.

47% of them go to charity and 53% go to community enhancement. Back in 2020, they financially supported well over 75 different organizations, that’s pretty good!

Their main focuses for charitable giving are around financial literacy, fighting hunger, promoting affordable housing/medical care, supporting at-risk people and communicating + enhancing community safety.

Blackhawk Community Credit Union – Final Thoughts

BCCU looks like a great community credit union with a close-knit feel. Even though they have that small vibe, their assets and number of members can contend with the big CUs of the world.

If you qualify for membership, they are definitely worth checking out. They provide a lot more detail than I’ve seen with other credit unions about how they give back and who they give to, which is really important. Anybody can say “we give back,” but not that many go into extreme detail.

Check out Black Hawk Community Credit Union at today.

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