Anoka Hennepin Credit Union Info + Review

Anoka Hennepin Credit Union is my focus here. We’ll be going through the important points like their history, membership requirements, and what this Minnesota CU offers.

One thing right off the bat, Anoka really invested in making a good looking website. At the time of this writing, they had a very attention-grabbing landing page with little houses made out of money to promote their home equity loans.

Routing #: 291073231*

A Little History

This credit union was set up to serve employees of Anoka school district #11 back in 1963. You may not notice any difference with them, but, they are a state-chartered CU versus being federal like many of the biggest ones in Minnesota.

They are still non-profit and arguably more community based because of that. Additionally, they are also federally insured by the NCUA.

Today, they have 17,000+ members.

Membership and Eligibility At Anoka Hennepin Credit Union

In order to join, you will need to either live, work, worship, volunteer, attend school, or have a legal entity in some specific counties. You can be in either Anoka, Chisago, Hennepin, Isanti, Mille Lacs, Ramsey, Sherburne, or Washington County.

There are a couple other ways you can get into Anoka Hennepin Credit Union. Employees of Anoka Hennepin School District or Technical College qualify as members. So do people working for Federal Premium Ammunition, NVENT, and Graco, Inc.

You can also become a member if you’re an employee of the credit union.

Anoka Hennepin Credit Union Offerings

You will find a competitive suite of offerings here. They have the usual spend/save/borrow-type products that any bank or most typical credit unions carry.

Within their spending area, you can choose from a few different checking accounts. They have Everyday, Everyday Advantage, Spirit, and Business Checking. There are also checking services, like debit cards, bill payment, mobile deposit and check orderings.

That’s all pretty standard, although having three types of personal checking accounts is on the higher-end since some credit unions only offer one.

You can also find a few different savings accounts at Anoka Hennepin Credit Union. Those are their Regular Savings account, Business Savings, Certificates, IRAs, Club Accounts, Business Savings, and Money Market Accounts.

Their Borrowing Products

Like any good credit union, Anoka offers a handful of loan products. These can cover things like mortgages, home equity, auto, and recreational vehicle loans. They also offer business loans, unsecured loans, secured loans, and credit cards, too.

Let’s dig into their checking account products a little bit more.

Anoka Hennepin Credit Union Checking

Their Everyday Checking account requires a $2.95 per month fee, whereas a lot of CU’s out there have a completely free checking account option.

For the Everyday Advantage checking account, their $2.95 monthly fee has an option to be waived if you meet their minimum requirements. If you can have $500 automatically deposited every month and at least 10 debit card transactions, you’ll be able to avoid the fee.

There’s no minimum daily balance on any of the personal checking accounts. You will always have digital access and eStatements on all of them, too. They all have the same opening deposit as well – $25.

The Spirit account is perfect if you’re a student. It’s specifically designed for people aged 13 – 23.


The only real drawback I noticed was that the checking accounts don’t pay any dividends as of this writing. Their share savings account does pay .01%, but, I’ve seen better at other CUs.

Anoka Hennepin Credit Union – Final Thoughts

Anoka Hennepin Credit Union is a good looking CU that offers a competitive lineup of financial products. I especially like their website, which was done very professionally. There may be better credit unions for checking accounts, however, the differences are also pretty small.

I like that they have a few of their products like home equity loans and recreational vehicle loans front and center on their home page. If you need a loan product, those have really competitive rates and are worth looking into.