Aldi Weekly Ad 9.25-10.1.2022 To View

Aldi Weekly Ad 9.25-10.1.2022 is our focus here. We’ll be taking a look at this mailer and seeing all the awesome deals in it. With the fall season and Halloween coming up soon, they have a lot of good stuff.

That includes some caramel apples, pumpkins for pies, and a variety of other things.

Raspberries are $1.99 per 6 ounce package. You can get some pumpkins for $3.89 each in the Aldi Weekly Ad 9.25-10.1.2022.

Cherub Grape Tomatoes are $2.59 per 10 ounce package. Grab some Chicken Leg Quarters for 65 cents per pound from Tyson, those are all looking good.

There’s Fresh Wagyu 75% Lean Ground Beef for $5.99. Fresh St. Louis Pork Spareribs are $2.79 per pound, that’s Fresh over frozen.

Aldi Weekly Ad 9.25-10.1.2022 Has Fremont Fish Market Medium EZ Peel Raw Shrimp

For $5.99, you can get that raw shrimp. Season’s Choice Steamable Asian Medley or Broccoli Stir Fry is $2.35. Get a Kirkwood Cornish Hen for $5.29. Fresh Pork Roast Kit is $8.99. Get some Fresh USDA Choice beef pot roast for $10.99.

Bremer Garlic Chicken or Alfredo Chicken Skillet is $4.49. Parkview Polska Kielbasa is $3.39. Some Little Salad Bar Ceasar. Priano Butternut Squash or Pumpkin Sage Ravioli. Premium Pasta Sauce is $3.99 from their Specially Selected brand.

Specially Selected Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese is $2.49. Brussells Sprouts or Green Beans from specially selected are $4.99, so, you can get your greens in with those.

Aldi Finds are Looking Spooky This Week

Huntington Home Halloween Bats are $9.99. Huntington Home Ceramic Pumpkin Candles are $7.99 each. Some Huntington Home Nostalgic Truck Tree, or Gnome is $12.99. Huntington Home Fabric Pumpkins are $4.99 each in the Aldi Weekly Ad 9.25-10.1.2022.

Huntington Home Decorative Lantern is $9.99. Crofton Halloween Coffee Mug is $3.99 each. Huntington Home Fall Garland is $6.99, that looks awesome.

Get some KellyToy Halloween Squishmallows for $9.99 each.