Aldi Weekly Ad 9.11-9.17.2022 View or Download

Aldi Weekly Ad 9.11-9.17.2022 is our focus here. Looks like they have a lot of health options this week like fruit, meat, fish, and more. Here’s a quick tip you might not know: they have even more fall flavors on their website!

Grapes are $1.29 per pound for California Green Grapes. Some avocados are 49 cents each, those are looking great. You can also get some Michigan Gala Apples for $2.99 per 3-LB bag, they sound crunchy.

Little Salad Bar Salad Bowl looks really good, that’s now $2.99 as well in the Aldi Weekly Ad 9.11-9.17.2022.

California peaches are looking good for $1.89 per pound. Some Roma Tomatoes are 99 cents per pound. Fresh Family Pack Organic Grass-Fed 85/15 ground beef is $4.99 per pound.

Aldi Weekly Ad 9.11-9.17.2022 Has Bake Shop Apple Cider Donuts

I’d never heard of Apple Cider Donuts until right now, but those sound incredible. For $3.49, you can get some of those delicious looking treats. There’s also some Simply Nature Organic Maple Butter for $5.89, I bet that would go great on toast or some pancakes!

More Tasty Treats

Simply Nature Fall Coconut Cashew Crisps are $2.99 and looking really tasty. They’ve even got some Friendly Farms pumpkin spice or Maple Vanilla Whipped Topping for $2.95, that looks really really good in the Aldi Weekly Ad 9.11-9.17.2022.

Park Street Deli Pumpkin Pie or Sea Salt Caramel Dessert Hummus is $2.49. Berryhill Pumpkin Butter or Salted Caramel Apple Spread. Park Street Deli Pumpkin Pie or Sea Salt Caramel Dessert Hummus is $2.49, looking pretty darn good there.

Bolthouse Farms Pumpkin Spice or Vanilla Chai Latte Smoothie is $5.48, that looks really really good. There’s also some awesome looking Chobani Pumpkin Spice Oat Creamer in the Aldi Weekly Ad 9.11-9.17.2022, if I took creamer in my coffee I’d definitely pick some of that up!