Aldi Ad for 7.3-7.9.2022 To View or Download

Aldi Ad for 7.3-7.9.2022 is our focus here. Take a look at some of the deals they have. There’s deals on fruit that look really good, check out some of those. Blueberries are $1.89, those are looking pretty darn good. Some Blackberries are $1.79 per package. Avocados are 99 cents each.

Pineapple is $1.69. Organic Zucchini is $2.29. Organic Cherub Grape Tomatoes are looking good, I bet they’d go great in a salad.

Fresh Half Pork Loin is $2.09 in the Aldi Ad for 7.3-7.9.2022, that’s looking really tasty. Fresh Organic Chicken Drumsticks are $3.29 per pound. Fresh Lamb Loin Chops are $9.99 per pound.