Aldi Ad for 7.10-7.16.2022 To View or Download

Aldi Ad for 7.10-7.16.2022 has a lot goin’ on. Seriously, there’s a lot happening here. You can find all kinds of different deals in this week’s mailer. First, there’s strawberries for $1.49 per 1 pound package. Those are looking pretty darn good. Those are California Strawberries, too. They have Washington Red Cherries are $3.49 per pound.

Grab Cantaloupe for $1.89 per pound, that looks pretty good. Some Mandarins are $3.99, those look like they’d be pretty refreshing. Zucchini is $1.29 per pound and looking very green. Papayas are 99 cents per pound, also looking pretty good there.

Aldi Ad for 7.10-7.16.2022 Has Morton’s Omaha Fresh USDA Choice Various Brisket

If you like to grill, check these out. For $5.99, there’s either Salt and Pepper or Texas BBQ Beef Brisket. Fresh Organic Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks are $3.49/pound if chicken’s your thing.

Butterflied Lamb Leg is $7.99 per pound with rosemary garlic seasoning or unseasoned as an option. That looks really good. Fresh Atlantic Salmon with Greek Herbs are $8.99 per pound.

Vitamin C Incoming

Little Salad Bar Mango Slices are $4.29, those probably have some great fiber in them. liveGfree Gluten Free Wraps, Plain or Spinach are $4.59.

Park Street Deli Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad is $6.49 and looking delicious in the Aldi Ad for 7.10-7.16.2022. Tuscan Garden Fruit & Nut Salad Toppings are $1.89.

Park Street Deli Chickpea or Black Bean Salad is $2.99. Little Salad Bar Flat Leaf Spinach is $1.69, that looks pretty good to me. Season’s Choice Avocado Chunks are $3.49. That’s an Aldi Find, not bad at all.

Aldi Ad for 7.10-7.16.2022 Has Season’s Choice Berry Medley

Happy Farms Mild Cheddar or Colby Jack Cheese Cubes are $1.95. Friendly Farms Low Sugar Greek Yogurt Plain or Vanilla is $4.99 each.

VitaLife Organic Kombucha is $2.19 each. Friendly Farms Original Coconutmilk is $2.75 in the Aldi Ad for 7.10-7.16.2022.